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Love (43Hz Remix)

With his remix of Jenny Thiele's "Love", 43hz explores a jazzy and emotional approach to the more liquid sides of drum and bass. The original track is composed of a Lo-Fi bedroom charm guided by a crystal-clear voice, rough guitar pattern and reduced lyrics. Without making any major arm movements Thiele's music modulates happily and stirs up emotional dust.



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Jenny Thiele is an independent musician and performer from Cologne. She writes songs and creates sounds in various formations.

For her current album Killing time (2022, Hey!blau Records) she took over a large part of the production herself and released it on her own initiative. In her live shows she is accompanied by multi-instrumentalist Philipp Ullrich. The music is handmade and digs deep, the accompanying tour is self-organized.

The focus lies on Thiele's crystal-clear voice, reduced lyrics speak of wanderlust and strange sensations. Without making any major arm movements the music which is sometimes reminiscent of Chris Isaak or Feist modulates happily and stirs up emotional dust.

The songs are framed by poems such as Zeit which Thiele published as a zine together with illustrator Helen Karl.

With the desire to create her sound authentically and independently the musician repeatedly leaves her nest: As part of the experimental electronic duo AnnaOtta Jenny Thiele explores electronic sounds and beats based exclusively on her voice. Her solo project celebrates minimalistic instrumentation, warm synth sounds and hypnotic drum loops.
For five years she toured the German-speaking club scene as a keyboard player and singer of indie band Fortuna Ehrenfeld.


43hz is the musical outlet of Christian Hostert, composer and producer based in Karlsruhe, Germany. Bringing together influences from his work as composer for cinema, as a jazz keyboarder, and as connoiseur of modular synths, Christian is creating a blend of genres with no boundaries. He feels most at home carefuly weaving classic synths, jazzy piano sounds and electronic drums into genres such as drum and bass and melodic techno.



Franziska Lorenz


Franziska Lorenz


Hey!blau Records

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